Thursday, January 6, 2011


1. One long strand of my bangs forgotten about during my hair cut but no scissors to fix it!
2. Not being able to unlock any of the 4 locks to my apartment even though I have the proper keys. What??
3. Changing from boots to high heels in the middle of Times Square every morning before work.
4. Drinking non-Starbucks coffee in Starbucks. oops !
5. Watching a woman biting her nails then touch the overhead bar in the subway over and over again... puuuuke.
6. Looks I get while wearing my faux fur jacket... ?!!!
7. Having a back cover to my phone and not a front!!!

1. Boyfriend visits in t-minus 2 weeks!
2. Over $100 worth of Starbucks/Dunkin giftcards to use!
3. Getting instant inspiration by all the fabulously stylish girls just by going to work everyday
4. My space heater that sits directly next to my bed and blasts constantly : )
5. New music I just downloaded !!!!~
6. Jersey Shore premiere tongiht!
7. Discovering that Starbucks can make me peppermint lattes which tastes as yummy as the pm mocha without all the nasty caloriessss!!!!

photosource: patric shaw


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